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TEAMSLR has a TRUE DEVELOPMENT program for young drivers.  Unfortunately, what is most commonly referred to in the racing community as “driver development” is no more than allowing kids to come race in a team’s cars with the only “development” that is offered are running laps.

TEAMSLR has created a high efficiency environment in which a Driver can develop and perfect the unique skills necessary to become an asset to TEAMSLR or any professional racing organization.  TEAMSLR uses classroom, karting, dirt track racing, 2 seat car instruction on asphalt and local late model racing in developing its drivers.  We are instructors at heart. Drivers trained by TEAMSLR are instructed in the Science of Racing, including physics, math, mechanical engineering as it applies, and physical fitness.  Drivers are taught to build and set up their own cars so they will be a value to their crew chiefs in the future. TEAMSLR training includes several other areas that we believe our Drivers should have at least a minimum level of skills. These areas challenge both the physical and mental skills weekly.

TEAMSLR is developing drivers to be assets to organizations on and off the track. We assist each driver in higher education studies that continue to challenge focus and concentration as well as add personal value and sponsor value. The off track skills that we focus on in the program are Marketing, PR, and School of Life Foundation principles which will provide a solid foundation to manage the responsibilities of a Champion.  Our Drivers become part of a Team environment and learn first hand the benefits of being a positive force within the dynamics of that team.

When we say we “develop drivers”… WE MEAN IT!

 TEAMSLR has wins with their development drivers at Local Dirt Tracks, Local Asphalt Tracks, ARCA, SCCA, ASA, NASCAR and 50 starts in the NASCAR Nationwide series.

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