Colon Cancer Survivor Scott Lagasse, Jr. Tells His Story
TEDxTalk Colon Cancer Survivor Scott Lagasse Jr


"Screen Your Machine™" is a collaborative effort with the American Cancer Society(ACS) and is Scott Lagasse Jr.’s personal and passionate quest to encourage people to be screened for all types of cancer. Scott is alive and healthy today as a colon cancer survivor because he got screened. He was well under the recommended screening age, but cancer doesn’t care about your age. Scott is an outspoken proponent for cancer screening. He is the official ambassador for the American Cancer Society, a strong supporter of their Road to Recovery program and National Spokesman for Fight Colorectal Cancer (

Please help support the Society's Road to Recovery Program providing vital transportation for cancer patients to and from cancer treatment (nearly 335,000 rides to treatment and other related appointments in 2016). Click here to donate to this important cause (

In addition to launching "Screen Your Machine™" with American Cancer Society in NASCAR , Scott recently spoke during a Ted Talk conference on his personal experience and currently is the focus of a National PSA for FCRC. Scott is utilizing his motorsports platform which includes NASCAR, the Trans Am Sport Car Series and Dirt Car racing, to reach every motorsports fan (represents 33% of all adults in this country) with his plea to "Screen Your Machine™"!

“For me, it is simple, when people get screened, lives are saved. This knowledge is powerful and life changing. I didn’t realize how important screening is, but now that I know, I will spread the word and make a difference. It’s what I’m about. I wouldn’t be racing if I didn’t catch my cancer early. And if you’re over 50, it is time to “Screen Your Machine™” whether you feel anything new or not. The earlier you catch cancer, the better chance you have to survive and spend time doing what you love.”   -Scotty

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