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Driver Scott Lagasse Jr.
TEAMSLR adds spark to your marketing mix!  We have been winning on the track for nearly 30 years.  Off the track, TEAMSLR has built an innovative marketing team to support our drivers and partners.

Using our drivers as our assets, our mission is to develop a unique and dynamic program that meets and exceeds our partners’ goals and objectives.  When a partner invests in our drivers, it is important to us to maximize the return on their investment.   We develop long term relationships and partnerships that promote our partners’ products and services on and off the track.

What we do:

  • Branding
  • Strategic program development and execution
  • Creative and customized activation solutions
  • Marketing and  sponsorship management
  • Drivers as spokesmen
  • At-track activation
  • Business-to-Business
  • Advertising
  • National and regional media campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Hospitality
  • Event Planning
  • Corporate Entertainment
  • Employee Morale
  • Public Relations

Who we reach:

  • Millions of NASCAR fans
  • 1.9 million NASCAR Xfinity Series viewers per race
  • Millions of youth and their families
  • Thousands of college students
  • Hundreds of fans at the local DIRT and asphalt tracks
  • Hundreds of fans at local appearances
  • Countless impressions through our media campaigns and social media network
  • Hundreds of businesses and CEOs involved in motorsports
  • Millions internationally through the Pay if Forward Experience


All year long!
NASCAR alone is a 10-month racing season, one of the longest of all U.S. major sports, creating sustained marketing opportunities throughout the year, but we continue to activate all year long

Driver Scott Lagasse Jr.
We love to race and our highly-visible program is a way for our partners to get in front of millions of people. Having a NASCAR driver represent your brand and promote your product has a great impact on consumers. According to Forbes Magazine, NASCAR drivers are the highest and most trusted of all athletes. While we provide a massive amount of exposure, a relationship with TEAMSLR also provides our partners with a marketing support group that can help coordinate events, facilitate business-to-business relationships, assist with a media campaign and fully activate around your program

Where we reach them:

  • Nationally through the NASCAR Xfinity Series
  • Internationally through the Pay It Forward Experience
  • Locally through our grassroots program

For more information on working with TEAMSLR
Please Email Adam Barnett at abarnett@teamslr.com

283 San Marco Ave
St. Augustine FL 32084


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