Aaron Barsness

Aaron Barsness does not have the typical resume of starting racing as soon as he left the hospital and winning in a multitude of divisions as he grew. He was raised in Texas and Missouri and raced 4 wheelers. He always wanted to be a racer, In 2009, at the age of 20, that break finally came and he was blessed with the opportunity to work with Bemco Fabrication’s race team having never raced competitively on an oval track before in his life. He raced a Limited Sportsman on dirt for the team. After testing him extensively, Scott Lagasse put him in their developmental program at the urging of Scott Lagasse Jr. He started in Kart’s and quickly graduated up to first testing modified cars and then racing them.
Aaron Barsness but never had the opportunity. Aaron BarsnessAs part of the program for developing drivers at SLR, dirt is the pre-requisite to racing on Asphalt and is where car control is gained. Aaron quickly gained that car control and was winning races in no time. By the end of his first season, in fact, on the last race of the season on the final point’s night, he won his first race. He ended up winning ROOKIE OF THE YEAR VOLUSIA SPEEDWAY PARK (5th in points in his first year of racing) racing in a Limited Late model. That December he went on to win the PRI Convention Holiday Classic, a non points race at Volusia.

Aaron BarsnessIn 2010, the overall goal increased from gaining respect and winning a race, to winning races regularly with the ultimate goal of winning a track Championship. Aaron BarsnessHe was also given the goal of learning to build and maintain race cars as part of his training. He started 2010 in the Jump Start Classic. He won the heat race and finished 4th in the feature. Over the course of the year in 2010 he won 6 races and had multiple top 5 finishes. In October of 2010 he WON the TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP at VOLUSIA SPEEDWAY PARK. Goal accomplished and a testament to the TEAMSLR driver development program. Aaron Barsness
Scott Lagasse states, “He learned and displayed consistency all year while being an integral part of building and maintaining the cars.
Aaron Barsness
We won a bunch of races and is turning into a good driver. We are very proud of him and feel like he has a lot more wins to come and who knows what level he can get to.”

Aaron BarsnessHis Goals were raised again in 2011. He wanted to continue to Win on Dirt, and begin to learn to Asphalt Race while further learning the technical side of racing. He won 4 of 10 races at Volusia Speedway on Dirt. He was 2nd in a Dirt Modified race at Midway and won the following night at Springfield Raceway in Missouri. In July, he raced his first Asphalt race and finished 2nd in Limited Late 50 New Smyrna.

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